Fire Extinguisher Signs

Fire extinguisher signs are an essential safety measure that use words and/or symbols to give important information for the locations and types of the nearest fire extinguishers. 

Safety Signs variety of fire extinguisher signs include traditional fire extinguisher signs, foam extinguisher signs, dry powder extinguishers signs, carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher signs and know your fire extinguisher signs.

Our signs are available in a variety of material:

  • Self Adhesive – A vinyl printed sticker
  • Plastic – 1mm Rigid polypropylene plastic
  • Self Adhesive Plastic – 1.2mm Rigid Polypropylene with an Adhesive Backing
  • Photoluminescence (Night Glow) – Glow in the dark
  • Aluminium – 3mm Aluminium-Plated Composite




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