Emergency Shower Signs Self Adhesive Plastic 150x150mm


Emergency Shower Signs SRP 150X150mm


Material: Self Adhesive Rigid Plastic – 1.2mm

Size HxW mm: 150×150

All Safety Sign UK products are manufactured in-house using waterproof, fade resistant inks, suitable for use in areas under direct sunlight.

We offer a 5 year guarantee against fading!

We offer our products in a variety of materials:

  • Self Adhesive – A vinyl printed sticker
  • Plastic – 1mm Rigid polypropylene plastic
  • Self Adhesive Plastic – 1.2mm Rigid Polypropylene with an Adhesive Backing
  • Photoluminescen (Night Glow) – Glow in the dark
  • Aluminium – 3mm Aluminium-Plated Composite


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